Technology R & D

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Strict testing system

1. Each process is completed, the operator must self-test
2 before assembly, all the mold parts to be fully seized

Effective management of measuring instruments

1. Regularly authorized third-party inspection and correction accuracy
2. Use the calibration block each time you use the measuring instrument

R & D capabilities

what can we do?

1. Experienced and pioneering thinking designers.
2. Good English writing ability, smooth and accurate technical review with clients.
3-class CAD / CAM software including Pro-E, UG, Catia.
4. Familiar with HASCO and DME standards.
5. Has a strong Pro-E-based software secondary development capabilities.
6. Professional Moldflow Analysis to simulate the injection molding process and evaluate possible problems.
7. Mold movement simulation and mechanical analysis to ensure the feasibility and reliability of the mold.

Designing ability

Good at communication technology in English design problems
Familiar with HASCO & DME standards
In the PRO-E software to complete secondary development

Proficient in mold flow analysis - Simulate injection molding process and evaluate potential problems
Good at mold motion simulation and real-time interference check



8:00 - 18:00

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